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Recull de premsa international / International press. April 8th 2014

AL MANAAR - النواب الاسبان يرفضون بغالبية كبيرة مشروع استفتاء في كاتالونيا

AGI (ITALIA) - Spagna: Parlamento, no a referendum indipendenza Catalogna

ALJAZEERA (QATAR) - Spain rejects Catalan push for independence

BANGKOK POST (THAILAND) - Spanish parliament rejects Catalonia independence bid

BBC NEWS (UK) - Spanish parliament rejects Catalan independence vote

BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK (USA) – Catalans Take Independence Bid to Madrid for Rajoy’s Refusal

CANOE (CANADA) - Référendum en Catalogne: Madrid dit non

CHANNEL NEWS ASIA (SINGAPORE) - Spain PM leads opposition to Catalan independence bid

CHICAGO TRIBUNE (USA) - Spain’s parliament set to reject Catalan referendum

CHICAGO NEWS TRIBUNE (USA) - Catalan leader says parliament rejection won’t halt referendum

CORRIERE DE LA SERA (ITALY) – Madrid boccia il referendum per l’indipendenza della Catalogna

DEUTSCHE WELLE (GERMANY) Spanish parliament rejects Catalonia independence referendum

DEUTSCHE WELLE (GERMANY) - Madrid blocks Catalan independence referendum

DEUTSCHE WELLE (GERMANY) - Spanish parliament rejects Catalonia independence referendum

DEUTSCHE WELLE (GERMANY) - Spanien streitet über Katalonien

DIGITAL JOURNAL (CANADA) - Spain lawmakers set to reject Catalan independence bid

EL UNIVERSAL (MEXICO) - España rechaza petición de referendo de Cataluña

EPOCH TIMES (USA) - Continental Drift: Europe’s Breakaways

ESTERI (ITALY) - Spagna: il Parlamento dovrà decidere se far svolgere il referendum sull’indipendenza della Catalogna

EXCELSIOR (MEXICO) - Catalanes insisten en un referéndum

EXPATICASpain lawmakers set to reject Catalan independence vote

EURONEWS - Spanish politicians to vote on Catalonia’s right to a referendum on independence

EUROPEAN VOICE - Catalan referendum to go ahead despite court ruling

FARS NEWS AGENCY (IRAN)Spanish Parliament to Discuss Catalonia’s Request for Referendum on Independence

FINANCIAL TIMES (USA) – MPs to stoke tensions with refusal of catalan referendum request. 

FOREIGN POLICY (USA) – Playing Chicken in Catalonia 

FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU (GERMANY) - Kein Grund für ein unabhängiges Katalonien

FX STREET (USA) – Spanish PM Rajoy : There is room for dialogue with Catalonia

GAZETA Wyborcza (POLAND) - Katalonia się wyrywa, Hiszpania nie puszcza

GLOBO (PORTUGAL) - Espanha rejeita pedido de referendo sobre independência na Catalunha

IL MESSAGERO (ITALY) - Spagna, il parlamento dice no alla Catalogna. Respinta la legge indipendentista

INDEPENDENT (IRELAND) - Spain rejects Catalonia poll bid

INTERNAZIONALE (ITALY) –  La corte costituzionale spagnola boccia il referendum catalano

IOL NEWS (ITALY)Resistance to Catalonia independence

KHOU (USA) - Spanish Parliament rejects Catalonia bid

LA DEPECHE (FRANCE) – Espagne. Débat explosif autour de l’indépendance catalane

LA JORNADA (MEXICO) - Rajoy: “no concibo España sin Cataluña, ni Cataluña fuera de España”

LA JORNADA (MEXICO) - Congreso español rechaza referéndum de independencia de Cataluña

LA NACIÓN (COSTA RICA) - El parlamento español se dispone a rechazar el referéndum de independencia catalán

LE DEVOIR (CANADA) - Madrid dit non

LE MONDE (FRANCE) - Indépendance de la Catalogne : le refus des députés espagnols

LE MONDE (FRANCE) - A Tarragone, l’Assemblée nationale catalane s’enflamme pour l’indépendance

LE PROGRES (FRANCE) - Le processus d’indépendance «se poursuit» en Catalogne

LES ECHOS (FRANCE) - Mariano Rajoy opposé à «une Catalogne hors de l’Espagne»

L’EXPRESS (FRANCE) - Espagne: les députés rejettent l’indépendance catalane

L’INDÉPENDANT (CATALUNYA NORD – FRANCE) - Référendum: Rajoy contre “une Catalogne hors de l’Espagne et de l’Europe” 

LIBERATION MONDE (FRANCE) - L’indépendance de la Catalogne rejetée par les députés espagnols

NAHARNET (LEBANON) - Spain PM Says ‘Catalonia outside of Spain’ is Inconceivable

NEW STRAITS TIMES  (MALAYSIA)- ‘Catalonia outside of Spain’ is inconceivable: Spanish PM.

Polska Agencja Prasowa (POLAND) - Hiszpania: Kortezy przeciw referendum niepodległościowemu w Katalonii

PRESS TV (IRAN) - Spanish lawmakers to vote on Catalonia referendum

PRESSE IT (ITALY) – Spagna, Parlamento vota oggi su referendum per indipendenza Catalogna. 

PROFIL ONLINE (AUSTRIA) - Katalanen: Anleitung zum höflichen Separatismus

QUAD CITY TIMES (USA) - Spanish Parliament rejects Catalonia bid

QUEBEC HUFFINGTON POST (QUEBEC / CANADA) - Les députés espagnols rejettent le projet de référendum sur l’indépendance de la Catalogne

RADIO BIOBIO (CHILE) - Parlamento español se dispone a rechazar el referéndum de independencia catalán

RADIO CANADA (CANADA) - Les Espagnols ne veulent pas de référendum en Catalogne

RADIO FREE EUROPE. RADIO LIBERTYSpanish Parliament Reject Catalonia Independence Referendum

REPPUBLICA IT (ITALIA) – Spagna, no del Parlamento alla Catalogna “Il referendum sull’independenza non si può fare”.

REUTERSSpain’s parliament set to reject Catalan referendum.

RT (RUSSIA) - Catalonia to press for independence despite red light from Madrid

SUNDAY POST (SCOTLAND) - Spain rejects Catalonia poll bid

TELEDIARIO (MEXICO) – Parlamento español rechaza independencia de Cataluña

THE GUARDIAN (UK) - Spain set to reject Catalonia’s request for independence referendum.

THE IRISH TIMES (IRELAND) - Spanish Congress set to block Catalan referendum on independence

THE LOCAL (SPAIN) - Madrid set to veto Catalonia vote plans.

THE NEW YORK TIMES (USA) - Spain: Parliament Rejects Referendum on Independence for Catalonia

THE TELEGRAPH (UK) - Spain’s parliament rejects Catalan independence bid

THE SCOTSMAN (UK & SCOTLAND) - Spain to block Catalan independence referendum

THE SPAIN REPORT (SPAIN) - Madrid Has Already Said No To Catalonia.

THE STRAITS TIMES (SINGAPORE) - Spanish Parliament rejects Catalonia independence bid

THE VOICE OF RUSSIA  (RUSIA) - Spain’s parliament to consider Catalonia independence bid.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (USA) - A European Nation Within Spain

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (USA) - Spain’s Parliament Rejects Catalonia Bid for Independence Vote

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (Germany Edition) . Spanien schmettert Referendum zur Unabhängigkeit von Katalonien ab

THE WASHINTGON POST (USA) - Spanish Parliament rejects Catalonia bid

3NEWS (NEW ZELAND) - Spanish parliament rejects Catalonia bid




President Mas : ” Our path continues onward in truly Catalan fashion: positive, hopeful and peaceful”


Once Noticias entrevista a Alfred Bosch durant la seva estada a Mèxic

L’entrevista està disponible al portal web de Once Noticias en el següent enllaç

Financial Times. Spain promises non-interference on Scotland. 02.02.2014


Spain promises non-interference on Scotland

By Tobias Buck in Madrid and Mure Dickie in Edinburgh

Spain has no intention of interfering in Scotland’s push for independence and is willing to consider an eventual Scottish application to join the EU as a separate state, the foreign minister said in remarks that will bolster the nationalist campaign.

Madrid has long been among the most vocal opponents of separatist movements in Europe, reflecting its struggle to contain secessionist pressures in its own region of Catalonia. Spain’s internal problems have prompted speculation it would block a bid by an independent Scotland to rejoin the EU.

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José-Manuel García-Margallo, foreign minister, told the Financial Times: “If Scotland becomes independent in accordance with the legal and institutional procedures, it will ask for admission [to the EU]. If that process has indeed been legal, that request can be considered. If not, then not,” he said.

While he refused to comment directly on whether Spain might veto Scottish accession to the EU after an independence vote, he insisted the cases of Scotland and Catalonia were “fundamentally different”. Madrid would continue to resist a Catalan plan to hold its own referendum on independence less than two months after the Scottish vote in September, he said.

Read the rest here.

De Standaard. Wij willen stemmen. 06.02.2014

Wij willen stemmen

        06/02/2014        |    Artur Mas
    De Catalanen hebben de wens uitgesproken om zich in een referendum uit te spreken over onafhankelijkheid. Artur Mas vraagt dat die wens zou worden gerespecteerd. Hij zal niet verdwijnen door dat niet te doen.

Wie? President van Catalonië

Wat? Als de bevolking van Catalonië zich uitspreekt voor een onafhankelijke staat, dan zal ze er alles aan doen om die overgang zo soepel mogelijk te laten verlopen. met groot respect voor de Europese Unie en alles waar ze voor staat.

Het is een fundamenteel principe van de Europese democratie dat het volk beslist over de grote vraagstukken van het openbaar belang en over de toekomst van de staat. Het volk van Catalonië, een van de oudste naties van Europa, wenst en verdient de mogelijkheid om zelf te kiezen of het een nieuwe staat binnen Europa wordt.

Read it here.

Publico. Catalunha: “O movimento independentista transmite alegria e isso é muito difícil de combater”. 02.02.2014

Catalunha: “O movimento independentista transmite alegria e isso é muito difícil de combater”

Por          (em Barcelona)
02/02/2014 – 11:08

Madrid podia ter impedido que se chegasse aqui, mas agora, diz Vicent Partal, não há recuo. O director do diário digital Vilaweb não tem dúvidas: os catalães vão mesmo votar para decidir se querem continuar a fazer parte de Espanha.

Para entrar na redacção do VilaWeb não é preciso tocar a nenhuma campainha. Entra-se pela loja e a loja vê-se da rua. A ideia é “vender produtos com ideias”, diz-nos Vicent Partal, fundador e director do VilaWeb. Neste momento, a ideia principal é “a ideia de um país”. As cores não enganam, o amarelo e o vermelho da bandeira estão por todo o lado. Há T-shirts amarelas com uma urna e a palavra “Sim”, o jogo da glória em versão catalã, imãs, livros – um deles é A un pam da la independência, o último livro de Partal – e, claro, a estelada, a bandeira independentista da Catalunha.

Partal gosta deste seu novo espaço, aberto em 2012. Ter uma redacção realmente aberta aos leitores é mais fácil num espaço assim, convidativo e bem situado, no Raval, a dois passos do MACBA, o Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Barcelona. Aqui se fazem cafés semanais com os leitores e com convidados chamados a debater temas da actualidade.

Read it here.


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